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Hoop Footwork – Level One


Work alongside Senior WAKO World silver medallist Fin Heesom as he takes you through level one of hoop footwork, narrated with key technical points to help you understand, develop and enhance your footwork knowledge and application.

This footwork is pivotal for all combat sport practitioners whether a novice or a World-class competitor.  Incorporating this into a consistent training routine will help build proprioception through your lower body increasing your sense of balance through your ankles and knees especially by recruiting your joint kinesthetic receptors. This will overtime lead to a better foot-to-floor relationship whilst in combat whilst building automated footwork and movement mechanics.

This digital tutorial will be sent to your email address upon purchase, ready for you to download the full video tutorial and follow along at your own pace.

Covering 17 developmental drills.

Duration of video: 10 mins 24 secs

Workout length: 45-180 mins

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