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15 High Performance Kickboxing Combinations


Work with WAKO World and European Champions and Tek High Performance Coaches William Taylor and Fin Heesom in these high performance kickboxing combinations, designed to implement and enhance your training, with unique, crucial and important key points delivered throughout, these are beneficial for all practitioners whether a novice or a World-class competitor.

Once implemented into a consistent training routine, these combinations will build automated patterning into your kickboxing delivery, teaching you to flow techniques together with fluidity, unilateral delivery and competency throughout, changing your kickboxing application and coaching forever.

This digital tutorial will be sent to your email address upon purchase, ready for you to download the full video tutorial and follow along at your own pace.

Covering 15 progressive combinations.

Duration of video: 22 mins 48 secs

Workout length: 60-180 mins


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