Whether you are based within the UK or internationally, Tek has accessible online training designed to help and guide you through specific areas of your training, designed for practitioners of all levels from complete beginners to experienced international competitors there’s an option for you.


What is online training?

Online training is a pathway offered at Tek, for any martial artists, fighters and athletes both nationally and internationally. We offer both online tutorials and online personal training, all designed to fit within your lifestyle, training schedule and development. Covering all aspects of training from multi-kicking development, sport-specific footwork, boxing, technical breakdown and more.

Programme Details




Accessible online both nationally & internationally


Starting from £35.00

Our online tutorials and online personal training teaches
  • Cardiovascular endurance
  • Multi-limb coordination
  • Athletic and sport-specific footwork
  • Kickboxing fundamentals to high performance
  • Functional and plyometric strength
  • Static and dynamic flexibility, mobility and balance
  • Self-Defence and street safety
  • Prehabilitation and injury prevention
  • Confidence and skill building
  • How to develop a champion mindset
What am I investing in?
  • Team GB and Award-Winning Coaches
  • British, European and World Title Winning Coaches
  • Over 30 years of coaching experience and knowledge

Start your journey

It’s not the end goal that matters, it’s learning to fall in love with and embrace the process, allowing the goals to never stop evolving and growing. At Tek you are part of a team and never alone on your journey, let’s begin achieving together.

Together we succeed

How to start

You can either access our digital tutorials, which are fully downloadable and accessible for you to follow along at your own pace in your time.

Find out More information

Accessible for all martial arts practitioners from complete novice level to experienced international competitors, our management team are always available to help guide you to the best option available for you.

“TEK is an excellent academy. A place which trains people to improve and achieve - whether be on the mats or in other areas of life. I train with my son and daughter and we all love it. Most sessions I would come out with my t-shirt soaking wet. There is much +ve difference in our lives after starting to train here. At the age of 38, my fitness level is like never before and I lost so much weight. I would highly recommend and 5 stars to all TEK coaches, they are all so welcoming and always helping to slip you out of your comfort zone and bring the best out of you. If u are looking to get fit or improve your focus or best want to become a martial artist........there isn't a place like TEK, come join the family.”

Tek Senior Student & Parent of Tek Junior Students

Waheed Hussain