Why do we bow within a Tek class?

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Within Tek, all our students bow prior to, at the end of and during a class- but what is the significance of the bow?

To show respect, to say thank-you, as a greeting, before sparring an opponent- there are many reasons why bowing is a key factor when training within Tek. It is crucial within any practice of Martial Arts that your bow should never be an empty, emotionless movement but should be executed with pride, humility and mindfulness.


There are many scenarios in which students bow and each have their own unique purpose.

Bowing when entering the training area is symbolic to the practice of Martial Arts showing respect to both the training that’s about to occur and the dojo itself. But this is also the student’s opportunity to ensure that their mindset is focused, determined and they are prepared to begin training.

To begin and finish a class students and coaches alike will bow to each other. This is carried out as a mutual exchange of respect, greeting and gratitude of either the training that is about to occur or the training that has just been executed.

During either normal training sessions or sparring sessions students will be seen to bow to each other prior or after each drill. This is carried out in a similar aspect to show respect, support and self-discipline in order to indicate that you will conduct your as a Martial Artist throughout.

Remember, it takes a second to bow, to be still and to mentally reset; this is your opportunity to become connected, centred and prepared.

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