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Physical, aesthetic transformations such as weight loss are easy to visually see and appreciate the change. At Tek, we also focus on improving individuals’ mindset, lifestyle and wellbeing.

Together we succeed

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Samantha McAuley




At the age of 26 years old, Sammy joined Tek Personal Training looking for non-contact kickboxing and fitness training. However, after being inspired by Tek, she quickly enrolled onto Tek’s Senior Kickboxing Programme and began training 1-2 hours per week.




At the beginning of 2015, Sammy began on the Grading Pathway and within one year graduated and received her Senior Red, Yellow and Orange belts. At this point, Sammy chose to take her biggest step yet and began attending weekly sparring sessions and instantly fell in love- now increasing her training to 2-4 hours per week.




In 2016, Sammy continued through the Grading Pathway and earnt both her Senior Green and Blue Belts. At this point Sammy also decided to join our Athlete Pathway and applied to be a member of Tek Fight Squad. With her new commitment to the athlete pathway she increased her training to 4-7 hours consistently every week including Tek workshops and personal training.



2017- present

In 2017, Sammy had some big successes; attending her first ever kickboxing open tournament as a member of Tek Fight Squad and became Tek’s first ever Ladies Title Belt Champion; all accumulating in Sammy being chosen as the Tek Academy Student of the Year 2017.

She continued to carry momentum into 2018 and 2019; attending regular tournaments and taking her first ever gold medal. Sammy now continues to train 2-5 hours per week and has continued her journey on the Grading Pathway and sat for her Senior Purple Belt.

Edward Gardner




In 2009, Edward began training at Tek after joining Tek Keyworth with his dad Chris- looking to gain focus, dedication and the Martial Arts mindset. Beginning by training once a week as a Tek Mini Master, Ed began to progress through the Tek Grading Pathway alongside his dad and wanting to access more they began travelling to Tek Wollaton in order to be able to train twice a week. This saw them make the natural decision to begin training at the Tek Academy once it opened in 2011
allowing Ed to train 3 times a week.




Continuing his training through into Tek’s Junior Kickboxing, Ed progressed along the Grading Pathway and began to attend more Tek Workshops and seeking out additional training both within Tek and outside of Tek carrying additional home training. This saw Ed graduate and become Tek’s youngest ever Tek 1 st Degree Black Belt at the age of 12 years old.




In 2016, Ed began to explore Tek further looking to develop his Martial Arts knowledge and experience he began enquiring about Tek’s Coaching and Athlete Pathways. Starting his path into coaching by embarking onto Tek’s Leadership Role Program, training weekly within Tek West Bridgford and the Tek Academy, Ed successfully graduated as a Tek Leader in 2017. Within the Athlete Pathway Ed started on Team Blue Blood’s Talent Identification Program (T.I.D) increasing his
training to now 5 days a week and competing nationally. Ed showed great progress winning multiple competitions and was selected for Team Blue Blood and competed at his first ever international competition at the Irish Open 2017.




Ed continued to train regularly however in 2018 decided to come away from the Athlete Pathway, to allow him to put full focus into the Tek Grading and Coaching Pathways. With continued dedication to his development in these areas, Ed successfully trained and graduated as a Tek Leader Level 3 in 2018 and is now continuing his training 3 evenings a week with regular Saturday workshops and has the goal of continuing on the Tek Coaching Pathway to long-term to become a Tek Coach.

Hollie Haworth




Starting with Tek in 2011 at the age of 5 years old, Hollie came to the Tek Academy into the Mini Master programme looking to achieve improved focus, self-discipline and confidence. Hollie progressed and began onto the Tek Grading Pathway.



2014- 2015

Regularly training twice a week, Hollie now became a Junior Student and began to access sparring classes-beginning her way onto the Tek Athlete Pathway. Hollie started on Team Blue Blood’s Talent Identification Programme (T.I.D) competing nationally and increased her training to 4 days a week.




Continuing to see success on the Athlete Pathway and her training, Hollie took victories and titles nationally, becoming Bristol Open Champion 2016. Her dedication, determination and focus towards her training saw Hollie be awarded T.I.D Talent of the Year 2016 and officially become a member of Team Blue Blood. In 2017, Hollie British Champion, alongside this in the Grading Pathway she also saw great success becoming a Tek Junior Black Belt. This year also saw Hollie begin upon the Tek Coaching Pathway and in 2017 Hollie graduated as a Tek Leader and began assisting within Tek Mini Master classes.




In 2018, Hollie progressed even further along all 3 Tek Pathways; seeing her have some great successes including Bristol Open Champion 2018, Tek Leader Level 2 and successfully graduating as a Tek Senior Purple Belt with a Distinction grade at only 12 years old. 2019 started with another huge success seeing Hollie become British Champion 2019 and continue to develop and grow along all 3 Pathways.