Tek Personal Training is your chance to work with a passionate, committed, specialist coach who is 100% dedicated to helping you achieve your specific goals.


What is the Tek Personal Training Programme?

Tek’s Personal Training Programme is designed for people who are willing to improve, learn and commit themselves towards personal progress. Whether your aim is to learn kickboxing first principles as a beginner, prepare for a major championship as a competitive athlete or work on a specific area, we will tailor your training to your goals, requirements and schedule.

Programme Details




Tek Kickboxing & High Performance Academy


Monday to Sunday from 9.00am onwards


£35.00 - £75.00

Personal Training programme teaches
  • Cardiovascular endurance
  • Multi-limb coordination
  • Athletic and sport-specific footwork
  • Kickboxing first principles to high performance
  • Age specific, functional and plyometric strength
  • Static and dynamic flexibility, mobility and balance
  • Self-Defence, anti-bullying and street safety
  • Prehabilitation, injury prevention and rehabilitation
  • Personalised nutritional advice and weight loss management
  • Goal-setting, mindset and Focus management
  • Confidence and skill building
  • How to develop a champion mindset
What am I investing in?
  • Team GB and Award-Winning Coaches
  • British, European and World Title Winning Coaches
  • Individual, family or group training sessions
  • Individualised training and nutrition plans
  • A passionate, motivated and educational environment
  • Weekly progress assessments monitoring your development
  • Annual student reviews tracking progress, development and goal-setting

Start your journey

It’s not the end goal that matters, it’s learning to fall in love with and embrace the process, allowing the goals to never stop evolving and growing. At Tek you are part of a team and never alone on your journey, let’s begin achieving together.

Together we succeed

How to start

Make your enquiry and one of our Management Team will be in contact within 24 hours to help get you booked in for an initial assessment session at your chosen Tek Location.


Reach Your Full Potential

All Tek students have access and opportunity to become part of Tek’s Athlete Pathway. This is a journey from complete novice level of competitive kickboxing, to competing on a national and even an international level with the potential of one day achieving British, European and World titles in the IOC (International Olympic Committee) recognised sport of kickboxing.

“I love TEK! I‘m a firm believer that exercise is great not only for your physical, but also your mental health. I joined TEK as a personal training client initially to improve my fitness, and in particular focus on my upper body strength. Coach Karen has helped me to achieve these goals and aim for new ones – I’m now working towards my red belt in kickboxing which is something I would never have dreamed of doing in the past! In the four months I’ve been coming to TEK I’ve improved my fitness, strength and flexibility. Everyone in the TEK team is so friendly and inspiring– they make a real effort to get to know you and encourage you. If you are looking for new challenges, to learn a new sport, or just to enjoy exercising then I can’t recommend TEK highly enough.”

Tek Personal Training Client

Kate Woodier