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1-2-1 Nutriton & Physique Session



A unique opportunity to meet – in person or online- with one of the Tek Coaches to gain 60 minutes of pure knowledge, education and support around nutrition and your goals.

Whether you’re looking to lose body fat, gain lean muscle mass or to improve your health, our team are here to cut through the jargon, simplify the equations and help you understand the nutrition needed to achieve and support your goals.
These will cover:
– What is BMR and your personal BMR.
– The optimum weekly and daily calorie breakdown required.
– The best macronutrient split.
– Any additional nutrition or supplementation recommended.
– The importance of hydration.
– Any personal dietary adaptations required.
– And more…
Leaving you with all the nutritional knowledge and understanding to go out and achieve your goals.
Coach Anna
Coach Anna
Coach Karen
Coach Karen
1 hour
1 hour


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